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GraphAn all encompassing strategy underpins the success of an organisation. As most countries in Sub-Saharan African are not data rich to achieve this, market research needs to be carried out to assess the market and then identify the actions needed to achieve these goals.

If your organisation is considering entering or re-evaluating its presence in the Sub-Saharan Africa market place, we can help you generate market data and determine the business strategy to break and gain a successful hold on the market. For organisations losing its market, we can help diagnose the root cause and proffer solutions at the business level which will identify strategic opportunities and allow you to become a strong competitor in the market place.

Some of the tools used include:

Business Case Development

Goal Management

Market Positioning

Product Development

 •    Business Case Development

Our consultants are very adept in developing end-to-end public and private sector business cases. An articulated business case is developed to show how sustainability and corporate responsibility fits with and enhances your core business strategy.

We help you identify and understand these opportunities and risks to your business, and develop an unambiguous vision and roadmap for its achievement. Using research and engaging end-users by internal interviews, we ascertain your current processes and goals. We “reality check” these internal perceptions against our external research into view of key stakeholders while benchmarking this against the competition and best practice.

From this, we can derive inputs needed to appraise strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then collaborate with you to articulate the data to achieve corporate strategy.

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•    Goal Management

Most successful organisations have an effective goal management process. Having goals set-out from onset, allows employers to involve their workforce and encourage employees across the organisation to focus and successfully achieve these goals together. Aligning goals and making goals visible allows for quicker execution of organisational strategy by enabling management prioritise resources across various projects.

Goal management provides a transparent pay-for-performance culture by   
communicating the organisation’s goal to employees, therefore providing the basis for linking a reward system with individual or team performance. Goal alignment is an integral part of the tool we use in achieving business alignment – it ensures that employees are NOT left out of the cooperate strategy.

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•    Market Positioning

Market positioning can be referred to ‘how organisations want their consumers to see their product’. What message about the product or service is the organisation trying to put across to its customers? There are different ways to position products or services in the market place i.e. product/service attributes, product/service benefits (uniqueness from competition), universe (identify customer base), against competition and away from competition.

Most customer analytic models and segmentation systems provide an insight into who should be targeted or what message to deliver. The models themselves rarely offer an optimum long-term contact strategy. We can help your organisation develop, re-develop or re-validate these models to attain ongoing and consistent profitability from your customer segments.

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•    Product Development

The ability of tailoring the image and presentation of a product or service to appeal to a selected market segment is product positioning. At its best, product positioning enables marketers to draw a direct link between an existing product or service attribute and a specific customer need. It enables marketers to pitch the ‘product or service advantage’ to attract customers rather than creating a general appeal. Our knowledge of most markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and understanding consumers’ preference can help your organisation position your product or service in a vantage position.

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