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Customer / Citizens Enrollment Solutions


We have developed applications that can be used to effectively acquire customers or register citizens/residents. This is possible using basic but ingenious processes with minimal hardware (including mobiles) to address the infrastructural challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our solution can assist organisations in the sub region to leverage this technology towards rapid acquisition of customers or onboarding citizens.

Our solution

Enhance due diligence: AML and KYC – Know who you are dealing with when doing your customer due diligence, thanks to high-quality and accurate Know Your Customer data. We are connected to most foundational ID systems in Nigeria e.g., Bank Verification Number (BVN), National Identity Number (NIN), Nigeria International Passport, Drivers’ license, etc.

We also use advanced technology such as face recognition, biometric verification, liveness detection and more to ensure your customer is the document owner. Live capture prevents impersonation and can be used to maintain and match against multiple face watch lists.

Secure Digital Signatures – Companies from around the world and various industries are moving towards digital signing to comply with regulations, expedite business processes, and reduce operational costs.
Using Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures (QES and AES), we ensure you fulfill even the most stringent legal requirements. Signatures are legally binding at different levels of security, such as itsme, SMS, Fingerprint Scan, Digital Signing with Hardware Security Modules, DNS Server Security, Electronic Invoicing Security, Document Signing with PKI Smart Cards and Tokens, and more.
Know the customer challenges by understanding their journey – Our solution allows interactive dashboards help track different customer journeys. From visualizing data from processes and exploitation to create insightful reports. Those insights can now be used to set up test projects, refine metrics and improve performance generally.