Large quantities of high-quality forecasts can be generated quickly by automation with no need for human intervention except required. Streamline your forecasting processes so you can focus efforts on the most important, high-value decisions.

Our Solution

  • Planning for the future can be quicker and more effective using our forecasting engine. A virtually unlimited model repository provides models for a wide range of behaviors. You can test what-if scenarios to determine the likely impact on your forecasts. Account for both planned and unplanned events. And mine, segment and visualize data interactively.
  • Ability to generate trustworthy forecast automatically is guaranteed with reduction for personal bias opportunity. This means less manual intervention, which reduces the chance that organisational politics or personal agendas will contaminate forecasts.
  • Easy access to powerful forecasting techniques. An easy-to-use GUI gives you the power of SAS forecasting without having to write code. The software also provides a batch environment that gives advanced users access to an even fuller set of capabilities using the SAS Base programming language.

Solution description

Our Time series data management can convert transactional data to time series format. Read and prepare data from virtually any source, including publicly available databases. And use flexible hierarchies to organise data most appropriately depending on your forecasting challenge.
Large-scale, automatic forecasts. Execute the forecasting process more efficiently using fewer resources. Model virtually any type of behavior and incorporate past and future events into your forecasts. Choose your level of automation – from simple forecasting to time-series diagnosis and remodeling.
Provide Time series exploration and analysis to help understand the structure of your data prior to forecasting. Identify outliers, missing values, or other data issues. Segment and manipulate data for better modeling.

Technology description

Forecasting software that automatically generates large numbers of high-quality forecasts with no coding skills required unless required. Allows easy access to powerful forecasting software with GUI. No need to manually code your models. And because our solution operates in both interactive and batch environments, user skills and needs determine whether the interface or a batch job is appropriate. More advanced users can access even more capabilities using coding.
With capacity for unlimited model repository makes it possible to create more appropriate forecasting models for a wider range of behaviors. Planners can test what-if scenarios and determine how they are likely to affect future demand. And graphics help you visualize the effects of holidays, sales promotions, and unexpected events so you can better plan future activities.
The chances of personal bias are drastically reduced by generating millions of statistically based, trustworthy forecasts automatically. Because large forecasting processes are more manageable, analysts can focus on the most important (or problematic) forecasts. Large-scale automation also means less manual intervention.
This reduces the chance that organisational politics or personal agendas will contaminate the forecasts.