In today’s world, governments are taking new initiatives to reach out to the citizens. As part of the initiatives, they are looked to transform themselves into a technology driven smart government by using state of the art global technologies. Octasis is geared up to enable the governments by combining technology and people with documented processes. Our services help the governments connect with every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

Our Solution

Our Identity Management Services includes enrolment and updating services and permanent Enrolment Services.
Back-office services for data validation and updating with authentication and e-KYC Services.

Solution description

Our partnership with manufacturers of Internet-of-Things IoT devices and sensors and our expertise in managing vast amount of both structured and unstructured data and cybersecurity enables us to provide sustainable smart city solutions in Nigeria.
Having a smart city portal is imperative, we can help create city portals to inform, engage and connect residents and citizens with government services or local businesses. It can support Residents, Visitors and the Business Community with relevant information and services that puts people first.
Our solution can engage and inform residents and citizens on the go with context and location aware services with the Smart City App solution. Provide information about places, buildings, events, restaurants, parties, art galleries, parking, family services, businesses, and retail stores for your citizens on the go with a mobile first experience.

Technology description

Our smart city solution is multichannel using Chatbots and Virtual assistants in technologies in Nigeria languages. Some of the use cases for our smart city solution includes Command Control Center, Highway Toll Management, Primary Healthcare Centers, Data Centers, Jails and Courts, Security and Surveillance, deployment of FTTH /Broadband, CPE Integration at Homes/Business houses, CPE upgrade, City infrastructure fault repair service, Wi-Fi Access Point Installation, P2P and P2MP Radio Installation, Citizen Surveys and Geo-tagging.