Deviceless Authentication Solution – Free 30-Days Trial

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Deviceless Authentication Solution – Free 30-Days Trial


Password used for authentication carries numerous risks and most network security-conscious organisations want to avoid using passwords to reduce risk, however, the perceived complexities and costs of deploying a Multi-Factor Authentication system has stalled progress.
Deviceless authentication solution is the perfect middle ground organisations have been looking for as it delivers a One Time Passcode without the need for a separate physical device or a password.
Our deviceless authentication solution bridges the gap between the convenience of passwords and the complexity of physical tokens, by simply replacing a password-based login with deviceless authentication you remove the threat of key loggers and malware trying to steal PINs and passwords, and users are less likely to fall victim to phishing attacks.

Our Solution

  • Passwordless authentication replaces fixed passwords with something more usable and memorable, making your business and customer data safer and more secure.
  • End-to-end security ensures your organisation network cannot be compromised by hacking or data breaches because our deviceless authentication solution never transmits or stores user login “secrets”.
    Replace multi-factor authentication by streamlining multiple factors of authentication into one step and replacing the need for traditional 2-factor (or 2-step) authentication and eliminating the need for extra hardware or SMS.

Solution description

Until now, the answer to increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats has been to add multiple steps to the authentication process. Our solution combines 2 forms of authentication into one easy step without relying on extra hardware or SMS. Your customers achieve a lower frictional login experience that also provides them an extra feeling of security and control over their own identities.
The solution can be configured during the implementation to verify the user’s email address with additional steps that can be added to include (a) National Identity Number slip (NIN), (b) Proof of Life, (c) International passport scanning and/ or Driving License, etc. Additional details may be required to add as extra security layer and check if the user re-registers their ‘Pattern’.

Define your pattern by selecting the dots, the sequence of your pattern is very important. The ‘strength’ of your pattern can be assessed so your organisation can define the parameters such minimum pattern strength.

Look at the numbers in your pattern for the One-Time-Code and the numbers are repeated, so anyone watching (or listening) cannot guess the pattern from the One-Time-Code and the numbers changes every time the users log in. The user do NOT touch the screen so anyone watching cannot see the user’s pattern.

Enter the numbers on the provided pad, or via keyboard. The cells in the grid can be configured any language or any image.