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Digital Data Acquisition

Most organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa acquire customer data from diverse inbound channels and but mostly through mediums such as papers, emails and scanned documents which makes it more difficult, expensive, and prone to data entry errors by unskilled data entry resources.

What our customer/Citizen enrollment solutions can do for you

Multichannel Capabilities – We ensure customers can onboard from a myriad of devices on the go, either through an app or web interface. This is not just limited to the front-end interfaces but also for the back-end system attached to our solutions.

Most financial organisations still require customers to physically visit a branch, our Customer Acquisition System allows customers to be enrolled or acquired at the convenience of their doorstep. This process is quicker and simpler for customers as well as for financial organisations, while at the same time, it retains the essence of banking as well. After all, we all live in a world of where customers want “Instants services”.