Data Quality

Our data quality solution allows you to manage the entire data quality life cycle and we know data quality improvement is not done once but a process. At every phase, the solution will ensure easy profiling and identification of data quality problems, ability to preview data, promote collaboration and configure repeating processes to ensure and maintain a high level of data quality.

  • Data cleansing: Correct nonstandard or duplicate records as well as unknown data types.
  • Business glossary & lineage: Ability to align business and IT, relate business and technical metadata, and visualize how changes affect other data assets.
  • Data integration: Automate data quality processes into Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT) activities from multiple sources.
  • Entity resolution: Identify individuals across multiple data sources from incomplete relationships.
  • Foundational master data management: Achieve a single view across multiple sources for one domain.
  • In-database technologies: Can shorten the time needed for key data quality and analytical processes by carrying out data quality and scoring functions in the database.
  • Visualization & reporting: Create reports and share information about data management initiatives as well as monitor data health and status of remediation issues.
  • Data remediation: Allows routing data issues to the right data steward or DBA for resolution.
  • Unified web-based console: Monitor data quality jobs, and view data issues and governance activities.